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Our Feedback

Results speak for themselves, and here are some of the comments we have received in the past months. Try our spectacles and sunglasses repair service out for yourselves. Feel free to email any questions in advance, but we can repair most things but if you are unsure email a picture to us.

Here is just a small sample of our Feedback


THANK YOU so much for you efficient service. I sent my glasses to you on Wednesday and received them back on Friday!! I am very impressed with your turn around time. 

 Thank you again!

Phillipa Hutton-Squire


 Just a quick to note to say glasses received back last week and THANK YOU!!!

 I thought these were lost forever but the repair is fantastic. Don't know how you did it but so happy you were able to!!

 Will recommend you without hesitation.


 Graham Charman


Just a note to say I recieved my repaired sunglasses today and to thank you for an excellent service.  They are as good as new, you would never know they are over 24 years old.  I only wish I’d known about Eyewear Rescue the first time I broke them and repaired them myself (poorly) with soft solder.  I will certainly use your services again, should the need arise.

 Thanks again and regards,

 Peter Scurfield



Just a quick email to say thank you for such amazing service!! Got my glasses back less than 24 hrs after you received them looking like new.





Thank you so much for the recent repair on my rayban sunglasses. Fantastic service all round. I will be recommending  you to friends.


Yvonne Bannerman



 I just wanted to say a big thank you for fixing my Raybans so quickly and in time for the sunshine forecast this weekend.

When I broke them I didn't think they were repairable, I took them to 4 separate opticians and they all said they were irreparable. I had a family member try to fix them who also said they couldn't be repaired. I was so happy when I spoke to somebody at Eyewear Rescue who said they could be repaired. 

I am so impressed with how quickly I got them back too. I sent them to you Tuesday and received them back today (Thursday)!

Thanks so much, I will recommend you to all of my friends & family. 

Charli Randall


My sunglasses arrived back this morning (Tuesday)-and I only sent them last Friday. They are as good as new and I am delighted. Your service is excellent. Thank you.




I received my repaired sunglasses back yesterday and just wanted to write and thank you.  I was absolutely amazed you had been able to repair them and can't even tell they had ever been broken.   I had visited 5 local opticians who all told me they were unrepairable.  I am so pleased I found your website on the internet.  You really do offer a fantastic service all with a 3 day turnaround.   Thank you so much again. 

Karen Beilby


Hello ... Received my Rayban's back today and am very pleased with them , also impressed with your speedy service , I shall recommend you to my friends and Family 

David Ireton 


I received my Ray Ban sunglasses by courier yesterday after repair.

Thank you for such a prompt and efficient service.I shall certainly recommend your company to others,

Kind regards,

David Brown.


Just a line to say thank you for the repair to my ray ban sunglasses, service ,quality and ease to deal with exceptional.


Phil Garrard.


My wife stood on my prescription Ray Bans totally bending the metal hinge and causing  a rivet that secured the arm to the frame to to come out so they were pretty badly damaged.The opticians where i bought the glasses advised me that they couldn't be repaired and i would have to buy new glasses,a couple of other opticians i contacted also said the same thing.However,when i contacted Eyewear Rescue they were absolutely confident they could repair them.Posted my Ray Bans on Tuesday afternoon and had them back 2 days later on Thursday morning in perfect working order.A first class repair and customer service ....i would highly recommend this company and staff to anyone who has received incorrect advice from opticians!!  

Many thanks to you.  

Joe Hughes


I recently sent an old pair of Rayban sunglasses to Eyewear Rescue to literally have everything but the frame replaced.  To put it in perspective  - these sunglasses are 10 years old and even Rayban have stopped manufacturing spares for them.  I procrastinated for ever and a day about just buying an new pair, however the new styles are no match for my old favourites and 70% more expensive.  Begrudgingly I sent my sunglasses off to Eyewear Rescue, emotionally preparing myself for a 2 week turn around and an expensive pair of backup sunglasses... After 3 days, 1 for posting to them, 1 day for an awesome refurbishment, and another day for return postage I am once again the ecstatic and proud owner of a pair of Raybans that will soon feature on The Antiques Road Show...  

If new sunglasses had the new car smell, then I'd easily have 99.9% of that smell. Of the experience I have only have two regrets 1) Unnecessary procrastination and 2) Upsetting the neighbours by singing 'I wear my sunglasses at night' because my euphoria is yet to wear off'.... Please don't at least suffer point (1) of my regrets!!

With thanks

Darren McCool

Pair of 30yr old aviaters that the nose arm fell off and was lost. I found this site on line but unsure they could help so rang up, a very helpful man advised me to sent the glasses in. I did this on Wed afternoon, got a call Thurs afternoon saying they were done cost including post £23. Glasses back Fri with two new nose arms, cleaned up frames and realigned arms. In summary brilliant and thankyou great service.

Mark Winstanley


I contacted Eyewear Rescue through their website on a whim, to see if they were able to repair my glasses, which I had sat on and snapped the arm and they replied instantly to me stating that they could. I sent my glasses to them the next day and I was contacted to say they had arrived and that they would contact me once repaired, for payment. They contacted me exactly 48 hours later and they were then sent out to me via UK Mail as promised! I received them looking brand new!! I was very pleased! I would highly recommend Eyewear Rescue to anyone! Thank you guys,

Amy Smith, Derbyshire


Hello Steve,

I'd like to thank you so much for the excellent repair to my bulb masters and such a Super Quick turn round I received them the other day and was blown away many many thanks.

Craig Spixworth Norwich.


Thank-you for my returned spectacles. I have been quite delighted with the service, from what was destined to the bin to a perfectly serviceable product , home to home in 4 days – quite exceptional.

Brian Urquhart


Recieved both pairs of sunglasses back today and amazed by your speed and quality of service. Will be using you again!

David Jones


Hi There

I am just letting you know how pleased i am with my repaired sunglasses i would like to thank you and your team for their efficiency returning them.

Kind regards




Just wanted to say thanks, got my glasses back and I'm very impressed at the quality of the fix and the quick turnaround!

Thank-you so much, should I ever break another pair you will be the first I call!




thanks very much for the repair, its fantastic! I'd given up all hope when the opticians turned me away.




Dear Eyewear Rescue,

My glasses arrived back this morning repaired. Great job, great price and very quick.

Thank you.

All best wishes,



Just received sunglasses back this morning and my husband is very happy with them and the sun is shining! Excellent service would recommend to anyone, thank you.

Sue Gallacher


Hi there,

Glasses arrived today, thanks. An excellent repair job on both for a very reasonable price! Great service. I'll pass on the word.

Thanks again.



Hi Folks

I received my repaired sunglasses this morning, back in working order, just a quick note to thank you for sorting them out for me, I'm now no longer afraid of the bright light! :-)

I will have no problem in recommending your services to my friends in the future!!!!

Thanks again!

VBT group


I received my glasses this morning and I just wanted to say thank you, I'm really chuffed with the result. Its lovely to have them back to their former glory. Once again thank you.

Kind regards,



My refurbished Ray Bans have arrived home safely.

I must say I am very impressed with the work done, and the service provided. I do hope I have the opportunity of recommending you to friends.

Best regards

Syd Lees



Received my glasses yesterday thank you so much, can get wearing them again now.



Amazing service !

Sent on Wednesday, back repaired on Friday.

Thankyou !



I can not say how happy i am at the repairs you carried out on my glasses a1 service ... so prompt had them back the next day..
will recommend you to all thanks so much :)x




I am not often so impressed with something to believe it merits a special comment but the advice and service I had from you yesterday was truly exceptional. You literally rescued my quite expensive spectacles from being scrapped.

Having been informed by the local firm of opticians who originally supplied them that they were beyond repair I was fortunate enough to come in to your shop just on the off chance for a second opinion.

Your service was friendly, advise sound, response even better, price charged very reasonable and the resulting repair virtually invisible. The only complaint is from my wife because you carried out the work so speedily there wasn't even time enough to go for the coffee you suggested!! Thanks again,



Hi All

I received the glasses 2 days ago to discover you done a fantastic job and better than I expected so just said I'd email to say thanks and that I will definitely be recommending you to friends who are stupid enough to sit on expensive glasses about 5 times in a week :)

Again many thanks



Many thanks for such speedy response to carrying out my spectacles repair. My glasses arrived yesterday and fit much better.

Thank you again and I will recommend you to all my friends.



Many thanks for repairing my sun glasses, which i received today. Your service is first class and they are as new

P. Ashton.


Dear Karley

Please excuse my bad manners in not getting back to you sooner. I just want to say how happy I am with the level of your service, you have exceeded my expectations. Your repair to my Ray Bans was extremely good and I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone. It's just a shame that the sun seems to have disappeared!

Kind Regards

Ray Cutler


Dear Sir/Madam,

Just a short note to say thank you very much for repairing Phil Jones’ Ray Ban sunglasses. You have done a fantastic job and I can’t believe how quickly you have managed to get these back to us!

I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking to get their glasses fixed.

Kind regards



Dear Eyewear Rescue

I just wanted to say how impressed I am at the speed of turnaround of my spectacles repair, (sent on Tuesday and returned on Thursday) and the quality of work repairing the bridge on my glasses frames -you have saved me approximately £250 and I am very grateful.

S. Redditch